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Sample tour: From Ålesund to Trondheim

The adventure along the fjord!

Do you want to bring a group to Norway for an adventure? Let yourself be inspired by one of our sample tours.

These tours can be tailored to your needs, including the activities you want, the transportation type you would prefer, and staying at your dream hotels or standard accommodations.

Contact us to start planning your group trip to Norway!

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  • Day 1: Ålesund

    Get over your jetlag with a day spent in Ålesund. This is an Art Deco city surrounded by the ocean. After a fire in the early 1900’s city planners from Europe came in and planned the whole city in one style giving Ålesund a unique look today. Go shopping, try the classic cinnamon bun at a bakery, or climb to the city lookout above the city.

  • Day 2: Deep into the fjord

    Today is a day of ferries. You must try the pastry for fjord crossing. "Svele" is a fluffy pancake-like pastry with buttercream filling or brown chees and butter. After crossing the fjords twice we board the last ferry of the day and sail through the UNESCO-listed Geirangerfjord. Enjoy the view of the seven sisters waterfall. Stay in Geiranger or Valldal for the night.

  • Day 3: Over the mountain

    From Geiranger or Valldal you will continue on the national tourist route over Trollsigen, The troll path. This beautiful road takes you past cascading waterfalls up into the mountains with mossy views, then down again the hairpin turns of Trollstigen. By the foot of the mountains down by the fjord you'll find Åndalsnes.

  • Day 4: Adventure town

    Stay a day in Ålesund for some adventure. You can take the gondola to the top of the mountain and enjoy the views, go to the wool factory and pick up some yarn, or enjoy the beautiful hiking areas like the Romsdal ridge (Romsdalseggen).

  • Day 5: The Atlantic Road

    From Åndalsnes you will drive out the fjords to the coast. Continue out to Bud for a lunch stop and some war history at the museum (if you are interested). Next, drive over the fantastic Atlantic road. A road made up of winding bridges between the small isles of the archipelago. Your next stay is in Kristiansand. A city out in the ocean split over three different islands. Bacalao is a must-have dinner when staying here.

  • Day 6: Kristiansund

    Decide how you want to continue your journey. You may board the express boat in Kristiansund and lean back while it cruises in the fjord and to Trondheim.

    The other option is to drive the winding road along the fjords and make stops along your way. Trondheim is also a city of fine dining, be sure to reserve a table at Kraft Bodega, Fagn, or Speilsalen.

  • Day 7: Trondheim

    Spend your last day exploring the Trondheim by visiting Nidarosdomen, the Old Town Bridge, or doing some shopping. Trondheim is a very cute city with many different districts. Some with old wooden buildings with art shops and galleries. Others are more modern.

    Take the bus to the airport and board your flight home.

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