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A Culinary Experience from East to West in Norway with Nevada Berg

19 to 23rd September 2023. 

You are invited to come along on this journey to experience food, traditions, and history through the eyes of Nevada Berg. She is the creator and writer of the highly praised culinary and cultural website, "North Wild Kitchen". On her website, you will find stories inspired by Norwegian traditions and history, as well as innovative ways of using traditional Norwegian ingredients. For instance, burgers with Norwegian brown cheese, ice cream made from rømmegraut (“Norwegian sour cream porridge”), and deep-fried spruce tips. The recipes Nevada has created can now be found in her cookbooks. Her first book was nominated by The New York Times as one of the best cookbooks in the fall of 2018. Nevada is well-known internationally with her special focus on Norwegian culinary traditions.

Your journey goes from the flat fields of Eastern Norway to the tall mountains that borders east from west and down to the deep fjords. Everywhere we stop we will meet people with a passion for food. Whether it is a cheese maker showing off their prized products, the owner of a tourist cabin with a special interest in the surrounding mountains’ hidden ingredients or the focus of an agricultural school.


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